Being a fashionista shouldn’t just be reserved for adults. With Unstoppable Kids’ fashion and apparel, parents now have the opportunity to dress their kids in haute- inspired style, with a focus on progressive design, and made from the highest quality material.

Unstoppable Kids was born from the company founders, Inna Gold and Adi Bloom's desire to dress their kids as they would dress themselves. Style and quality should not just be reserved for parents, and that has been our goal since the beginning. Unstoppable Kids brings the ideals of couture culture to kids clothing and apparel.

We work closely with our designers, suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that every item we offer is designed to impress, made from the highest quality materials, and manufactured for durability; so your little ones can be as rambunctious as they want, and they’ll still be totally Unstoppable!!


Inna Gold and Adi Bloom met in Thornhill, Ontario, when Adi was pregnant with her first child. Inna, already the mother of a beautiful daughter, started sharing stories about motherhood with Adi, and the two became fast friends. As their relationship developed, they found that they both had a lot in common, especially when it came to fashion.

Not satisfied with many of the products available for infants and youth, Inna and Adi felt that their unique sense of style was something that moms everywhere would appreciate, so they decided to put their love of fashion to work and, together, started Unstoppable Kids.

Inna and Adi are both hugely dedicated people and they have applied this attention to detail in every aspect related to the design and manufacture of Unstoppable Kids’ clothing and apparel. Their philosophy, “If I wouldn’t wear it, then neither will my kid”, is the mantra behind everything that makes Unstoppable Kids the premiere choice for haute style clothing… just for kids!